Month: August 2021

PERSPECTIVE… an essential skill for art and life

Daydreaming out of my rainy office window last week, it struck me how different the view became when I simply shifted my focus. In one moment, the raindrops on the window stood out, strong and clear, but with glimpses of the scene and colours beyond. In the next, the view came into focus and the…
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VERVAIN… vampires, myths and medicine

Last week’s guilty pleasure was bindweed. This week, it’s Vampire Diaries. I blame Ian Somerhalder and his tongue-in-cheek charismatic portrayal of Damon the ‘bad’ bloodsucking brother, or maybe it’s just the Goth in me that made those annual treks to Whitby… home of the original vampire story. The watered-down Netflix version of events is brimming…
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