Who am I?
I’m a print, mixed media and nature artist, born and bred in the beautiful Cambridge countryside, now loving life in Devon. My work brings together art tradition, print making, photography and digital, and is inspired by nature.

What matters to me?

I aim to take the taboo out of ‘beauty’ in art and I celebrate this through the infinite forms of nature. Creativity is my life passion, and I have been drawing, painting and writing all my life.

My happy place…

As a child I drew something (anything) every day. I began my own creative journey by experiencing the joys of nature. I spent hours playing and enjoying all that the local fields, rivers, and our back garden, had to offer. My happiest moments were spent outdoors, and my favourite day trip was always to the sea. It still is today.

Now the seaside is my home, and I can visit the beach whenever I choose. I moved to Plymouth in 2018 and have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the coast, the rolling Devon hills, and the wilderness of Dartmoor. It is a whole new landscape of inspiration that feeds my imagination every day.