Original art

inspired by nature

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous." Aristotle

Nature is magical. From sweeping landscapes to microscopic details, it has an effortless beauty and grace.

My art is in celebration of the marvellous craftsmanship of nature. My aim is to draw inspiration from my surroundings; trying to capture the otherworldliness that exists around us. Nature is a rich source of inspiration with infinite creative possibilities.

I have been painting and drawing all my life, but print making and photography are relatively recent discoveries for me.

This little collection is a small part of my never ending relationship with art and nature. Something that continues to grow every day.

Veronica Ellis
Print and Nature Artist

My journey

"As a child I drew something (anything) every day."

Being a child born and bred in the Cambridgeshire countryside, I began my journey by experiencing the joys of nature. I spent hours playing and enjoying all that the local fields, rivers, and our back garden, had to offer. My happiest moments were spent outdoors, and my favourite day trip was always to the sea. It still is today.

My early ambition was to be an artist (and a writer too). My parents encouraged my passion and through practice I gradually developed my technical skills. I did well in my art exams but I didn’t really find myself as an artist.

This piece of the puzzle fell in place many years later when I combined my two passions: art and nature. This is what Nature’s Grace is all about.

My inspiration

"Nothing, for me, can replace the joy of experiencing nature."

Nature provides an infinite source of inspiration. I do like to experiment and discover new forms and landscapes, but I also have some favourite things!

Firstly, sand and sea. A beach combines so many warm, personal memories for me with an artist's paradise of constantly shifting tides and textures. A walk on a beach remains my most powerful creative experience.

Secondly, trees. Especially in the winter. I love them in all shapes, sizes and seasons.

Thirdly, I have a signature plant. The Japonica Fatsia. You will see that it pops up in a number of my images. I have one in a tub in my garden and I keep returning to it for inspiration.

My work

"I like to play with each image until I feel it is time to stop."

I am interested in art tradition and in digital technology. My work over the years has embraced both.

Those that have inspired me - masters like Vincent Van Gogh, William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Howard Hodgkin, Henri Matisse and David Hockney - were pioneers. I know that I am drawn to the strong lines, composition and colour that are evident in their work.

I am grateful for my traditional training. I also enjoy using technology to create new works, or to change existing works.

Every work in my collection has been made by me from start to finish. I draw my own images, take my own photographs and hand make my own prints. The current Nature's Grace art collection includes:

- print originals, unique (one-off) screen prints, made using traditional techniques, exploring colour and mood
- digital works, pieces of my original artwork manipulated using technology to create new images
- photo art, moments I've captured on camera, transformed using technology into works of art.

My gallery

Natures Grace Gallery and Shop

"I hope you enjoy exploring my online gallery.
Please ask about specific colourways, image sizes or commissions. Anything is possible."

The Nature's Grace art collection includes a range of affordable prints and products to complement your home. Every product is handmade, and comes with a Nature's Grace label of authenticity.

You will find both small and large photo art prints, wide and tall art prints, original artwork and art cards within the shop.

Plus, if you are looking for something different, there are special edition ranges: glass art, wood art, aluminium art and cushion art. The aluminium art being suitable for your garden, as well as for your home.

I hope you enjoy browsing the collection.


Natures Grace is an art collection created by Veronica Ellis, print and nature artist.

Many of my designs can be provided in different sizes. I can also adjust colours, so do please get in touch to discuss any ideas or requests. I post new work on my Nature's Grace Facebook page, along with dates for any upcoming events at facebook.com/natureartwork